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Forwarding options for my Microsoft 365 email address

Email forwarding is a feature that allows you to send a copy of an incoming email to another email address, such as redirecting one email address to a different one. But there are different ways to use forwarding to better organize your incoming email.

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I want to forward a copy to another email address

You can get copies of emails in both your original and another email address, without any action on your part. Or choose to forward without keeping a copy in the original mailbox. You can turn this on or off at any time and keep your personal email private. You can forward to your Microsoft 365 or another email provider.

    Example: and receive a copy of any incoming email.

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I want an email address dedicated to forwarding to one or more users

A distribution group is an email address without a dedicated mailbox that forwards incoming email to other users. Use a distribution group to forward internally, externally, or both.

    Example: forwards email to and

Select from 1 of 2 options for setting up a distribution group:

When you set up a distribution group in the Exchange admin center with an external email address, that distribution group will not list the external email addresses in the Email & Office Dashboard.

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I want to create another email identity

An email alias is used to hide the email address receiving the incoming email. Use an alias to protect your primary email address, avoid spam and create additional identities for your company.

    Example: receives messages sent to and since is set up an alias.

Create an alias in the Email & Office Dashboard

If you get an error in the Email & Office dashboard, you can create an alias in the Exchange admin center. The alias may not appear in the Email & Office dashboard right away.

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I want to forward a certain type of email to certain users

Create rules to send certain email to certain users. You can activate or deactivate these rules whenever you want.

    Example: If incoming mail to has a subject line “Payroll,” you can set up a rule to forward payroll emails to the employee that handles the payroll emails.

Create a rule from Outlook on the web

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