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Create custom promotion codes for my reseller storefront

Custom promotion codes offer your customers discounts on their orders, which are a great way to promote your storefront. You can create custom promo codes in the Reseller Control Center.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Marketing, then select Promotions.
    Select Promotions
  3. In the upper-right corner, select Create Promotion.
    Click Create Promotion
  4. Under Promo Code, enter a code in up to 10 alphanumeric characters. Your reseller code must be unique and not already used by another reseller.
    Enter Promo Code
  5. Enter a Description of the promotion associated with the promo code.
    Enter Description
  6. Under Discount, select Amount or Percent using the drop-down menu, then enter the discount you want to offer. Your discount must be in USD and can't exceed 15% of the total order amount.
    Enter Discount
  7. For Minimum Order Amount, enter the minimum amount in USD your customers must spend to use this promo code.
    Enter Minimum Order Amount
  8. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the promo code.
    Enter Start and End Date
  9. Click Save to activate the code for the dates you've set.

    Note: You can't delete a promo code or change its name, but you can inactivate it or edit its details.

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