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Premium DNS features

Premium DNS (Domain Name System) offers more power and flexibility than the standard DNS functions. Listed below are the features of Premium DNS and their functions.

  • Secondary DNS: Back up your DNS zone files with a secondary nameserver so your domain names never go offline.
  • Fully managed DNSSEC: Increase security by authenticating the origin of DNS data.
  • Update SOA record: The SOA (Start of Authority) contains zone caching information, the zone administrator's email address and the primary nameserver for the zone. It also contains incrementing numbers which, when updated, triggers the DNS to reload the zone data. You can request to have these numbers updated.
  • Increased number of zone records: Manage your zone file with 1500 DNS records per domain.
  • Applies to all domains: Every domain in your account will benefit from these features when you add Premium DNS. And each new domain you register will automatically be upgraded to Premium DNS.

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