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When people think about websites, it's often paired with a .com domain. They're so common nowadays that it's likely the TLD you want when you're starting your new venture. The good news is there are tons of .com domains available right now — and getting one with GoDaddy comes with added bonuses. 

Trusted by millions

20+ million customers across the globe trust us with their domains.

Lots to choose from

There are a huge number of available domains right now and one (or more) is just right for your venture. 

How to choose your perfect .com

You might not think so, but there are still a ton of .com domain names available for purchase today. If you want to snag one of your own, consider these tips. 

Keep it short

Your chances of scoring the ideal .com is better if it's under 5 or 6 characters in length. Over 90% of those are still available.

Keywords are important

Everything on the web revolves around keywords that Google can recognize so your site ranks higher in searches. Better keywords mean more traffic.

Creativity is key

You want your website to be memorable, so use words, phrases and titles that will keep it on the top of your customer's mind.


For how many years can I buy .com domains?

You can buy your .com domain for anywhere from 1-10 years right here at com. And, as is the case with most things, the longer term you get, the more potential savings you have. So register your domain for as long as you want, and go from there. 

Why are .com domains better?

A .com domain isn't better, per se, it's just very common. They're globally recognized, which means that if you're starting a business and plan to go international at some point, a .com domain works just fine. And it's become something of a default domain when people go hunting for their dream project. 

But none of that makes it better. We have thousands of different domains out there, from .art to .xyz. It's just that a .com domain, because it's so ubiquitous, can drive a lot of attention. That means that if you've got a good idea for a domain, and you can get the .com — even if you want another domain, too — you probably should. 

Are .com domains better for SEO?

In a word, yes. Since .com has been around for so long, there tends to be a search engine bias towards it. Now that doesn't mean that other domains aren't searchable, but if you have an option that will work with a .com, you should scoop it up while you can. They are immensely popular, after all.