Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?

In this course, you'll learn:
  • Ways to assess your personal readiness to become an entrepreneur
  • Lifestyle and financial considerations to make before you take the leap
  • Some simple target audience and market research techniques you can use to vet your idea

About the guides

Headshot of Guide "Emily"
Hi, I'm Emily. As a GoDaddy Guide, I love being able to give our customers a mix of help, advice, and cheerleading. It's a huge step, starting your own business, and I want our customers to know that we have their back, whatever they need!
Headshot of Guide "Joplin"
Hi, I'm Joplin. As a GoDaddy Guide, every day I get a front-row seat to watch people, just like you, take the leap and make their own way. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing our customers take that risk and succeed!