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PHP execution limits

Managed WordPress plans do not allow direct PHP code execution outside of WordPress. This means that any PHP code that is not tied directly to WordPress will not function at all.

PHP code execution has been blocked for the following folders to protect your site:

  • /($DOC_ROOT)
  • /uploads
  • /files
  • /wp-content
  • /wp-includes
  • /akismet

There are exceptions for scripts that can help with troubleshooting. These files must be in your document root to work.

  • PHP info file: This script must be named either info.php or phpinfo.php and placed in your document root. Any other filename will not work.
  • PHP mail(): If you need to test PHP mail() functionality, you can upload a file named mail_test.php to your document root. Any other filename will not work.
Warning: Use of these filenames for scripts other than a PHP info or mail testing file will be considered a violation of the Hosting Agreement.


If your script is blocked, it will display a 403 Forbidden error. For phpinfo.php, info.php, or mail_test.php, move the script to the correct directory (document root) or give it the correct name.

For any plugins that require scripts to be outside of WordPress to work properly, those plugins are not supported on Managed WordPress plans. Work with your plugin's developer to address the issue. If the plugin relies on a script to act as an API, we recommend integration with the WordPress native API system.

For all other scripts, we recommend hooking into WordPress itself so those scripts run on a permalink URL.

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