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Add email subscribers to my list from my website

Here are three great ways to allow people to join your email marketing list in Websites + Marketing. Choose one method or all three.

Each of these sections gives you an overview of this strategy and provides links to more detailed information.

  • Subscribe section
  • Contact Us section
  • Messaging button

Remember to publish your site when you're finished so your changes are visible to your site visitors.

Subscribe section

When you’re in your website editor, add a section and choose the Subscribe section.

After you choose the layout and add the section, customize the words and button text, and customize the thank you message customers see after they subscribe to your list.

Screenshot of what a subscribe section looks like

Contact Us section

When you’re in your website editor, add a section and choose the Contact Us section. (Or customize a Contact Us section that’s already in your site.)

In the section settings, select Contact Form. One of the settings of your contact form is a Show Email Opt-In toggle.

When your email opt-in is on, you’ll see a checkbox added to the Contact Us section on your website. Customize the email opt-in message if you wish and then select add a section.

Screenshot of a part of a Contact Us section with the email signup box outlined in red

Messaging button

Add website messaging as a great way for customer feedback. If enabled, the Messaging button appears on the lower right corner of your website. It allows people to leave you a message that gets sent to the email you designate.

Once you open your site, then open your website editor. In your website editor, select Messaging on the bottom of the right panel.

Select Messaging Preferences and then set the Show Email Opt-In toggle to on. Now people can subscribe to your list when they send you a message.

Screenshot of a messaging button box with the email signup box outlined in red

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