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Test site's speed with GTmetrix

Having a fast site can help with search engine rankings and improve the overall experience for visitors. You can test your site's performance with GTmetrix, and then use the report to figure out how to speed it up.

  1. Go to the GTmetrix site.
  2. In the Enter URL to Analyze field, enter your site's URL.
  3. Select Test your site.
  4. Review the GTmetrix Grade section to view overall scores for your site's performace.
  5. Select the Performance, Structure, and Waterfall tabs for more metrics.
    Note: Sorting the Waterfall Chart by size will allow you to find large images and resources that may be taking up bandwidth.

Related steps

  • To improve your site's performance, follow the suggestions provided by GTmetrix. Resolve the issues marked in red first because they are slowing down your site the most.
  • If you have a WordPress site, you can try improving its speed by optimizing your images with a plugin.

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