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Add a For Sale Lander to my domain listing

A For Sale Lander for your domain listing lets interested buyers know your domain is for sale and provides all the information they need to purchase your domain. GoDaddy and GoDaddy Partner Brands have template landers you can add to your domain listing.

While there are various methods to add a GoDaddy For Sale Lander, we recommend changing your nameservers to GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers. This method automatically adds a For Sale Lander to your domain and qualifies your domain listing for a lower 15% commision rate to GoDaddy when it sells (the standard commission rate for domains not using GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers is 25%).

Note: Most DNS updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

For Sale Lander Types

The main lander types are Request Price Lander, Buy-Now Lander, Parking Lander and Lander. Each of these landers has its own benefits. The best one for your domain will depend on your portfolio and selling strategy. You control which Lander is used for each domain in your portfolio at Afternic. Below are the nameservers and our recommended use case for your domain or portfolio for each lander type.


Request Price Lander

  • For high value domains, we recommend using the Request Price Lander. The price request form collects information from interested buyers. Our Sales Team can then follow up with the interested buyers to build value in the name and explain how it will impact their business.
    request price lander

Buy-Now Lander

  • For lower value domains, we recommend using the Buy-Now Lander. This lander provides a link that directs interested buyers to a purchase page for the domain. The Buy-Now Lander creates a friction-free purchase path and increases the chance of a sale to an impulse buyer.
    buy now lander

Parking Lander

  • For domains with high organic traffic, we recommend using the Parking Lander. This lander displays ads that generate visitor revenue while having a purchase banner at the top for interested domain buyers.
    request price lander Lander

  • For domains utilizing the Lease-to-Own traffic option through Afternic, we recommend using the Lander. This lander displays the option for the buyer to lease the domain or to purchase it with the buy now price.

Contact your domain listing company for assistance with For Sale Landers and their associated nameservers which you can use.

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