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Add my Microsoft 365 email in Thunderbird on Mac and Windows

Step 3 of the Set up my Microsoft 365 account series.

Note: This article is for reference only. Our GoDaddy Guides can't help you with any issues related to Thunderbird. See our Statement of Support. To get the most out of your email address, we recommend setting up your email with Exchange settings. This may require a different email client, like Outlook or Mail for Mac or Windows.

Add your Microsoft 365 email to Thunderbird for Mac or Windows PC. Then you can send and receive emails from your Thunderbird client. Before continuing, make sure that you're using the latest version of Thunderbird.

  1. Open Thunderbird.
    blue bird with a white envelope
  2. If you're a new user, skip to step 5. Otherwise, in the lower-left corner, select settings gear icon Settings.
  3. Select Account Settings.
    account settings highlighted
  4. Select Account Actions, and then Add Mail Account.
    add mail account highlighted
  5. Enter Your full name and Email address, then select Continue.
  6. If your server settings are detected, the server settings will be filled in automatically. Select Done, and then skip to step 9. Otherwise, continue to step 7.
    auto configuration settings, select done
  7. Under INCOMING SERVER, make sure that the fields are as follows:
    • Protocol: IMAP
    • Hostname:
    • Port: 993
    • Connection security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication method: OAuth2
    • Username: Your email address, like
    incoming server settings entered into thunderbird
  8. Under OUTGOING SERVER, make sure that the fields are as follows:
    • Hostname:
    • Port: 587
    • Connection security: STARTTLS
    • Authentication method: OAuth2
    • Username: Your email address, like
    outgoing server settings entered into thunderbird
  9. If you're asked to grant permissions, select Accept. If you're an admin, select the checkbox next to Consent on behalf of your organization so your other users don't see this prompt.
  10. Select Done.
  11. If you get a pop-up about cookies being disabled or the sign in page does not load, change your settings to accept cookies.
    1. Select the Thunderbird email client menu button icon Thunderbird Menu (or, in the upper-left corner, select Thunderbird), then Settings, and then Privacy & Security.
    2. Next to Accept cookies from sites, select the checkbox, and then next to Send websites a "Do Not Track" signal that you don't want to be tracked, clear the checkbox.
      The Thunderbird privacy and security settings section with cookies enabled.
    3. Close and re-open Thunderbird, and then try adding your account again.
  12. You might be prompted to enter your email password. Enter your password, and then select Sign In.
    thunderbird setup SSO page sign in with email address and password
  13. If you're on a Windows computer, you might be prompted to add a security exception. Select Confirm Security Exception.
    Confirm security exception for thunderbird email client
  14. You’ll see a confirmation when your account is successfully added to Thunderbird. Select Finish.

You can now use your Microsoft 365 email in Thunderbird.

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