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Remove a domain from my Windows Hosting account

You can remove a secondary domain name or a subdomain (like from your hosting account if it’s no longer in use or if you need to make it the primary domain.

Note: You can't delete the primary domain from the account, but you can change the primary domain.

Warning: When you remove a secondary domain, all related files, directories and web applications are deleted from the server.
  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Select Web Hosting, and next to the Windows Hosting account you want to use select Manage.
  3. In the account Dashboard, select Plesk Admin.
  4. In the Plesk home page, in the section for the secondary domain or subdomain you want to remove, select Remove Domain or Remove Subdomain.
    select remove subdomain

    Note: If you don't see any icons, in the center of the page select Show More and then select Remove Website or Remove Subdomain.

  5. Select Yes. A confirming message appears when the domain and its files have been removed.
    Required: You must wait 24 hours before you can add the domain to another account.

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