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I forgot my Microsoft 365 password

If you're a user and lost or forgot your Microsoft 365 password, reset it. You can send a password reset to your recovery email address, your account on another device or to the GoDaddy account owner.

If you have access to the GoDaddy account or remember your password, change your password in the Email & Office Dashboard instead.

  1. Go to your Microsoft 365 sign-in page.
  2. Under Sign In, select the link to reset your password (it says, "Need to reset your password?").
  3. Enter your email address, and then select Continue.
    The reset password page.
  4. Select a method for resetting your password. We can email a link to your recovery email address (if you have one saved in your account), your account on another device, or your GoDaddy account owner.
    • If you don’t have access to these methods, select I don’t have access to any of these, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Select Send Link. A password reset email will be sent to the method you selected.
    • If you sent the reset email to your GoDaddy account administrator, or account owner, stop after this step. They'll need to open the email and reset your password for you.
  6. Open the password reset email, and then select Reset Your Password.
    The password reset screen with fields to enter a new password and a recovery email.
  7. If you don't have a recovery email address set up yet, enter one in Recovery Email in case you need to reset your Microsoft 365 pasword again later.
  8. Select Change Password.

You can now sign in using your new password.

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