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Step 1 of the Understand GoDaddy Studio and create a project series

GoDaddy Studio is available on the web and as an app on iOS and Android. Discover what it can do and see how to navigate your way around.

When you first sign in to the GoDaddy Studio app, you’ll see the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap each menu item to use the feature.
GoDaddy Studio iOS app main menu

  • Discover - These short stories offer tips, techniques and ideas to help you make the most of GoDaddy Studio. Scroll through the available stories and tap one to read it.
  • Templates - Get started quickly with one of our thousands of professional-looking templates then customize it to be uniquely yours. They’re arranged chronologically (newest at the top) and you can search by theme, name, style or type.
  • Start a new project from scratch New project - Create a new design from scratch starting with a custom background and layout.
  • Social Site - Build a single web page that shows a summary about you and links to all your content, whether that’s on social media or on websites.
  • Projects - This is where your designs are saved. They’re available across your iOS, Android and web devices, which means you can access, edit, save and export projects across your phones, tablets and desktop computers.