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What is Good As Gold?

Good As Gold is GoDaddy's wire transfer payment method that lets you transfer funds directly between your bank account and ours, storing a balance for future purchases.

Good As Gold is great if:

  • You don't want to pay by credit card.
  • You're an international customer and your preferred payment method isn't available
    Note: You can only process Good As Gold orders in US Dollars. If you select your account's currency as either GBP or EUR, Good As Gold does not display as a payment option. Find out more about changing the default currency that is displayed.

Good As Gold Fees and Terms

  • When setting up Good As Gold, there's no minimum amount required for deposit.
  • There are no fees from GoDaddy for wire transfer deposits. However, your bank may have their own fees.
  • You can close your Good As Gold account at any time, but there is a $20 fee to refund your remaining funds.

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