Adding Advanced Functionality in Website Builder

Adding Advanced Functionalities in Website Builder

In this course, you’ll learn:
  • How to enhance your website by editing site wide settings
  • How to add new functionality to your site to increase customer engagement
  • How to add restaurant-specific features to your site
  • How to add service-specific features to your site

About the Guides

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Hi, I'm Emily. As a GoDaddy Guide, I love being able to give our customers a mix of help, advice, and cheerleading. It’s a huge step, starting your own business, and I want our customers to know that we have their back, whatever they need!

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Hi, I'm Nada. As a GoDaddy Guide, I'm always amazed when I hear the incredible business ideas and online ventures that our customers come up with. Supporting their journey and transforming their dreams into reality – it’s awesome!

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