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Maybe you want a website builder that can do everything, from booking appointments to selling products. Or maybe you just want to put up a blog and tell the world about your cat, Freddie Purrcury. Either way, you need to know what features are in which plan. Well here you go.

Feat We Bring A Lot To The Party Global

Manage It All in One Place

Website? Social media? Email marketing? Ecommerce? Check.

Mobile Design and Editing

No matter what device you're using, your site will look great and you can edit on-the-go.

Designer-Made Templates

Create confidently with beautifully crafted templates to help you get started.

Customizable Themes

Play with 20+ theme filters to instantly change layouts, fonts and colors.

Content Creation with GoDaddy Studio

Make eye-catching content for social, email and more using beautiful templates, fonts and graphics.

Website Hosting

Ensure your site runs smoothly and pages load quickly with fast, reliable hosting.

Building your site

Putting it all together.

You've got an idea, but now you need to actually build your website. What features are important to you? How easy is this thing going to be, anyway? Good questions. Let's answer them.

Feat Putting It All Together

Click and Drag Reorder

Want to move a section? Easy. Just click and move them.

Backup and Restore

Sleep soundly knowing that you've always got a backup of your site.

Drop-Down Menus

Lots of pages? Drop-down menus make navigation easy.

Customizable Themes

Start with a basic concept and expand on it however you like.

Promo Banners

Put in promo banners to push your next big sale.

Contact Forms

Let your visitors keep in touch with an easy contact form.

Calls to Action

Drive sales and attention to your important products.

Members-Only Pages (coming soon)

Keep things private with password-protected pages.

Single Image Library

Multiple sites with Website Builder? Keep all your images in one library.

Marketing Features

Get the word out.

So you've built a website. Good job — take a victory lap. Of course, it would be a lot cooler if some people saw that website, right? With that in mind, you need to do some website promotion. And with GoDaddy Website Builder and Online Store, that's covered.

Feat Get The Word Out

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

Email Marketing

Turn your visitors into customers by sending them emails.

Sync With Facebook

Link your company's Facebook page with Website Builder.

Instagram Connect

Manage posts and track performance from your GoDaddy dashboard.

Google My Business

Get your company on Google Search and Maps.


Create and send personalized messages to your customers from your dashboard.

Social Media Post Creation

Stand out on social media with gorgeous posts you can easily design using Over by GoDaddy.

Review Widget

Display business reviews from Google or Facebook on your site.

Web Analytics Features

Keep an eye out.

Once everything is up and running, you'll want to watch your site to be sure things are running smoothly. To do that, you need to monitor your website regularly, and you'll need tools to get that done. Guess what Website Builder and Online Store includes? A toolbox full of 'em.

Feat Keep An Eye Out

Track Your Search Ranking

Keep up on your Google search ranking and get recommendations.

Track Orders

Got an order on your store? You can track it on your dashboard.

Automatic Checkout Reminders

See how many customers come back to buy items they left in their cart.

Facebook Insights

See your recent views, likes, posts and more.

Monitor Online Comments

Manage your Google and Facebook comments in one place.

Track Email Campaigns

See how that big email blast is going.

Action Plans

Get continuous suggestions on what to do next for an even better online presence.

GoDaddy InSight™ Score

See how your site and online marketing measure up against businesses like yours.  

Data-Driven Recommendations

Get industry-specific advice based on data from 1 million+ GoDaddy customers.

Online Appointments Features

Get booked.

If you're a service provider — yoga instructor, personal trainer, dog walker — then what would be super convenient is a way for your customers to book their own appointments and pay for them at the same time. That sure would be nice, which is why we added it to Website Builder. Here are the details. 

Feat Get Booked

Accept Credit Cards

Process payments for appointments via Square and PayPal.

Text and Email Notifications

Send and receive notifications when your client books.

Two-Way Calendar Syncing

Keep your business and website calendars perfectly aligned.

Client Management Tools

Retain contact info, appointment history and payment history.

Collect for Appointments

Charge deposits, cancellation fees and collect payments.

Recurring Classes & Events

Set up a schedule for you and your clients to refer to.

Staff Members

Allow your staff to manage your schedule and set availability.

Class Lists

Download a list of who's signed up for classes or events.