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Configure a WooCommerce Shipping Method

Step 4 of the Configure WooCommerce Settings series.

If you plan on shipping physical products, you'll need to configure shipping options and rates. The Shipping tab includes three pages to help you set up shipping: Shipping zones, Shipping options, Shipping classes.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping tab to set up shipping for your shop.

Not every option will be applicable and the settings you need to activate will depend on your business.

Shipping zones

A shipping zone is a geographic region where you can apply specific shipping methods and rates. For example, you can offer free shipping in a particular state, and charge a rate for other states.

Learn how to Add a WooCommerce shipping zone.

Shipping options

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping tab > Shipping options page to optionally configure shipping calculations, destinations, and enable debug mode.

  1. Calculations - Choose how to display shipping costs:
    • Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page.
    • Hide shipping costs until an address is entered
  2. Shipping destination - Set the default shipping address for the customer at checkout:
    • Default to customer shipping address
    • Default to customer billing address
    • Force shipping to the customer billing address
  3. Debug mode - Enable for troubleshooting shipping issues.

Shipping classes

Set up shipping classes to offer specific shipping methods and rates for particular groups of products. For example, you can offer different flat rate shipping costs for smaller and bigger items.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping tab > Shipping classes to set up shipping classes.

Learn how to Create a shipping class and Assign a shipping class to a product.

Click Save changes and move on to the Payments tab.

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