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Professional Email account limitations

Note: These limitations apply only to email hosted on Professional Email. For other limitations, see Microsoft 365 limitations.

The following limitations apply to Professional Email accounts:

  • Email size — 30Mb including all attachments. Files can increase in size when attached so we suggest keeping your attachments to less than 20Mb. You can reduce file size by zipping the file before attaching.
  • Appointments and contacts attachments — 30Mb
  • Emails sent via Webmail by mailbox/per user — 1500 messages per day
  • Emails sent via SMTP by mailbox/per user — 500 messages per day
  • Forwarding rules — 4 forwarding rules allowed per mailbox with 1 destination account linked to that forwarding
  • Forwarding accounts — 50 forwarding accounts per shopper. You need to have at least one mailbox created to access forwarding.
  • Email aliases — 50 email aliases per email user. You need at least one mailbox created to access email aliases.
  • Number of email messages allowed per mailbox/per user — 700,000 messages total
  • Number of email messages allowed per folder — 200,000 messages
  • Number of recipients per message — There is a limit of 100 addresses on a single email message. The 100 addresses may be included in any combination of the To, CC, and BCC fields.

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