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Fix backup redirect error

The Website Security Backups service requires the execution of a PHP script (cloner.php) in order to setup and effectively backup the website files and database.

Some websites will restrict the execution of PHP scripts such as these and redirect users to prevent abuse on the site.

If the backup is unable to complete due to a redirect, you can edit your .htaccess file to avoid the error.

The .htaccess file is a control file for cPanel and Managed WordPress hosting accounts. It's often used by applications, like WordPress, to help manage and control the site. Learn more about .htaccess.

Warning: Always make a backup of your site before troubleshooting or making any changes.
  1. Connect to your hosting account with FTP.
  2. Once connected, go to the root directory for your WordPress site, which is the folder containing your site.
  3. Locate the .htaccess file and download a copy of the file to make a local backup.
  4. Edit the .htaccess file and add the following code to the very top:

    # Exclude backup requests from rewrite rules
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteRule ^cloner\.php$ - [L]
  5. You can now run a new backup to see if the redirect has been resolved.

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