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Review PHP-FPM error log

PHP-FPM is a web tool used to speed up the performance of a website. Using PHP-FPM on a site with heavy traffic can allow your server to better utilize resources without affecting other sites with less traffic.

Why would I need to review this log?

  • Your site is not working as intended.
  • One or more pages of your site has an error.
  • Your site is slow or just spins and never loads.

Log location


How can I review this log?

SSH allows you to access, view and manipulate the full log with tools such as vim or grep.

Example errors found in a PHP-FPM log

Max Children defines the maximum number of PHP-FPM processes that are allowed to spawn.
WARNING: [pool user_cpaccount] server reached max_children setting (25), consider raising it
[20-Dec-2021 03:57:35] WARNING: [pool images_domain_com] child 30042 said into stderr: "Mon Dec 20 03:57:35 2021 (30042): Warning Not enough free shared space to allocate 110120 bytes (48616 bytes free)"
[20-Dec-2021 03:59:38] WARNING: [pool domain_com] server reached max_children setting (30), consider raising it

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