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WooCommerce product variation settings reference

When setting up product variations, you can configure several options to customize how each variation behaves. In this article, we'll look at the different settings available when configuring a product variation.

This guide is intended as a reference to learn about the different settings within a product variation. For more information on creating a variable product, check out our guide on creating variable products in WooCommerce.

Variation image

Using the image icon at the top of the product variation, you're able to set an image that reflects this specific variation.


If your product SKU differs when a product variation applies, you can set it here.

Regular price

Inside of this field, you'll set the regular price for the variation.

Sale price

When a product or variation is on sale for a discounted price, the price will become what's entered here.

Stock status

Using this dropdown, you can set a specific product variation as "in stock", "out of stock", or "on backorder".


Here, you can define what your product weighs. This is useful when calculating shipping amounts, expecially when weight may vary between product variations.


This set of fields defines the length, width, and height of your product variation.

Shipping class

If this product variation needs a custom shipping class, you can set it here.

Tax class

If this product variation should be taxed differently, you can set the tax class inside of this field.


This field defines a description that is specific to the product variation.

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