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What is Email Backup?

It happens. Emails get deleted and computers break. But with the Email Backup add-on, you can rest easy knowing that your data isn't lost.

This video is part of the How-To series for setting up email.

What can I back up?

Back up the full email mailbox and calendar for each user you turn on. All contacts, tasks, notes, and journals across all enabled users are also backed up. You can search for and restore any items of your choosing.

What if I deleted the folder?

Even if the original folder was deleted at the restore destination, Email Backup will recreate the folder and restore its files.

What if a user no longer exists?

If an employee leaves your organization, and their Microsoft 365 subscription was deleted, Email Backup keeps their content indefinitely — even if the mailbox was removed from your subscription. To access the backed up data, you'll need to add the user back to your Microsoft 365 subscription.

How do I get Email Backup?

You can purchase Email Backup with an Email Essentials, Email Plus, or Business Professional plan. Or, you can contact our GoDaddy Guides to purchase the add-on only.

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  • Sign in to search, find, and restore any lost data.

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