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Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

I receive these types of emails once a week since I have over 100 domains and it is frustrating. Imagine the people that don't know better and send people the money. (Years ago when I 1st saw this I called Go Daddy and ask they told me it had nothing to do with them and I have never answered the email request) Here is the email.  (I do not own any more).


e Corp.
Notice#: 782150
Date: 06/07/2016

Notification Purchase Offer

Domain Name:

Registration SEO Period:  06/29/2016 to 06/29/2017

Price: $64.00

Term: 1 Year

This important expiration notification offer notifies you about the expiration offer notice of your domain registration for search engine optimization submission. 
If you fail to complete your domain name registration search engine optimization service by the expiration date, may result in the cancellation of this search engine optimization domain name notification offer notice.


Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

Hiya @McAllenRealty!


Welcome to the community! This sadly, is one of the side effects of having publicly registered domains, you end up with quite a bit of spam and the occasional phishing attempt. In this case, it's best to do these three things:

1. Don't click any links or respond to these emails.

2. Report these emails.

3. Add Private Registration to your domains. (Optional but recommended.)

Thanks for reaching out. I hope you find this community useful!


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

So I don't need to buy anything else if I have a domain name that I purchased thru godaddy? I have a free WIX website under my godaddy domain name.


Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

Hey @valmusic you definitely DO NOT need to buy anything else. These scams have been around for a long time - here's one I encountered when I first started registering domains on GoDaddy over 8 years ago: They change the names regularly but the scam is still the same. Unfortunately, many people don't think to even ask if it's legit or not and simply pay it.

Founder and CEO, Fuze SEO, Inc.

Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

THANKS! That was very helpful!

Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

I'm sorry to say that the solution offered...

...isn't a solution, it is a bandaid.  Each of us individually who recognize that either...


1) privacy settings can stop this sleazy organization of scumbags from sending us their misleading "Expiration Notices"

~ or ~

2) that a simple click on our delete buttons with get rid of them as they arrive. 


...can protect ourselves. 


What these to 'protections" don't do is protect those who don't know that it is at the very a least misleading, sleazy marketing method, and possibly and outright scam, from getting tricked into sending them money.  Even if it is only misleading, sleazy marketing it is still a rip-off for too much money for the URL registrant and it steals clients from Godaddy and other legitimate and ethical service providers.  I would like to see Godaddy with its power in the marketplace do the following...

  1. Find out whether Domain Registration Service SEO Company actually exists and has the privilege of legitimately registering URLs
  2. If it does then I suggest that Godaddy, in concert with other major players in the field, lobby the root URL licensing organization (I've forgotten the name) to remove the privilege of registering URLs from them.
  3. if it doesn't exist then I suggest Godaddy, and other major players, should band together to pressure law enforcement to find and arrest the scammers where ever they may be.

Either way, whoever is behind this disservice to internet users, and to the companies that legitimately serve them, should be stopped!

I ask anyone in the Godaddy's administration who reads this message to pass it on to whoever your company has decision making power to launch actions such as I have suggested above and let them decide one way or the other. 

Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

I agree with Billalso.

While Spam and Phishing has become a way of life, when the opportunity presents a company the likes of Godaddy that has more clout and deep pockets that us should go after the perpetrator with hammer and tongs.

Especially when all the required information is readily available. I found the following information in a matter of minutes.

The company DOMAIN SEO SERVICE REGISTRATION CORP exists. It is registered to

Sunshine Biz Services, Inc. 5379 LYONS RD. 452 COCONUT CREEK, FL 33073

The Principal Officer is TAUBERT, MATTHIAS

1000 Fifth Street Suite 200 – G9 MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139

He has multiple companies with similar names

All emails originate from a few subnets in Hong Kong. - - -


The websites that accept payment information are hosted with in China and most seem to use for DNS


So Godaddy Please go after him/them

Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

I actually sent them a payment. Is there anyway of getting money back?

Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

If you used a credit card , simply dispute the charge. 

If you sent a check put a stop payment. 


Re: Email from Domain SEO Service Registration

Thank you for the info, even if it was over a year ago. I have been receiving the same email for a while. I have never clicked any links in it. Instead I have manually logged into my GoDaddy account to see the domain information, including the due date, and everything has been fine. I know spam is a normal thing, but they, Domain SEO Service, does a pretty good job at making their emails look legit. From now on I will not just delete them, but also check them off as spam. I will decide if I want my domain registration private, and if so will change that setting as well. Thank you again.