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Get started with Business Email

Congratulations on getting your very own professional, domain-based, Business Email. You'll need to set up your accounts in GoDaddy first, and then you can set up your email in any client or phone app that you want.

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account, and go to your products list.
  2. Click Email & Office.
  3. Next to your new Business Email account, click Manage.
  4. Make sure you're in your Email & Office Dashboard.
  5. Click Add user.
  6. If you have other account types available, as well as Business Email, you'll see a screen with options. Under Business Email, click Get started.
  7. Choose the domain you want to use, for your first Business Email address.

    Note: The same domain can't be used for more than one type of email. So, if you also have Workspace or Microsoft 365 accounts already set up on a certain domain, you can't use that domain for your new Business Email address.

  8. Click Continue.
  9. Enter the email address you want to create, the password for that address, and the alternative email addresses that you want to notify when this account is ready for use. You can enter up to 5 email addresses to be notified.
  10. Click Create.
  11. When your email address is ready, you can set up any email client or phone app to receive and send email.

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