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Adding and managing products in WooCommerce

This article helps you set up products in your WooCommerce store using a variety of options. It is important to understand how to configure these different types of products in order to create a more personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Product types

Our goal is to make your WooCommerce experience as seamless as possible, no matter what you're selling. As part of Managed WooCommerce Stores, you can choose from several different types of products to suit your needs.

Simple products

Simple products are exactly what they sound like - products that do not require any additional customizations or requirements. Viewing the product, adding it to the cart, and completing checkout are all possible without any additional selections for the customer.

As an example, if you're selling a one-size-fits-all hat without any additional customization options, you're selling a Simple Product.

Variable products

In a variable product, the customer may select options such as size, color, or any other option when choosing the product. Using this product type would be great for items such as clothing that require additional customizations, without the need to add each customization separately.

Digital products

The digital product type is ideal for items that will be delivered to the customer in digital format. These are often things like software downloads, ebooks, or anything else that doesn't involve phsically shipping a product to a customer.

Choosing the right product type

One of the reasons that many choose Managed WooCommerce Stores over other solutions is because of the endless amount of customization available. As such, different stores, and even different products within the same store, will have varying needs.

As a general rule, follow these guidelines when choosing a product type:

  • If your product is digital, use a digital product.
  • If your product has options for the customer to customize, use a variable product.
  • If your product doesn't fit in any of the above types, use a simple product.

Setting up your products

For more information on adding your product to your WooCommerce site, follow one of the following guides:

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