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Configure WooCommerce General Settings

Step 1 of the Configure WooCommerce Settings series.

Before you start selling, you'll need to enter some information about your store's location and currency options. In this section, you can configure the address, shipping locations, enable taxes and coupons, and choose the currency for your store.

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > General tab and update each section.

Store address

Update all applicable fields for your shop's address. This is where your business is located. Depending on your settings, tax and shipping rates may use this address for calculations.

General options

  1. Selling Location(s): Choose which countries you are able to sell to. You can select specific countries or all countries.
  2. Shipping Location(s): Choose which countries to ship to, or disable shipping and calculations.
  3. Default customer location: Choose how your shop can determine a customer's default location to estimate taxes and shipping before the customer enters their address at checkout.
    • No location by default determines no location, so taxes or shipping is not calculated until customers enter an address at checkout.
    • Shop base address assumes that customers are in the same location as your shop.
    • Geolocation verifies the customer's current location and calculate taxes based on that. The MaxMind GeoLite Database will be periodically downloaded to your wp-content directory if using geolocation.
    • Geolocate (with page caching support) performs geolocation via Ajax and will append a ?v=xxxxx to your website URLs to prevent static caching of prices.

Enable taxes

Enable or disable taxes and calculations. This will enable the admin tax settings page where you can configure taxes to be calculated at checkout. If disabled, the admin tax settings tab will be hidden and taxes will not be calculated on sales.

Enable Coupons

Enable or disable coupons on your store. Customers can apply coupons on the cart and checkout pages. Shop admins can apply coupons on the admin edit order page for unpaid orders.

  • Enable the use of coupons: Enable customers to use coupons from the cart and checkout pages.
  • Calculate coupon discounts sequentially: When using multiple coupons, the first coupon will be applied to the full total price and all other coupons will be applied to the discounted price.

Learn how to Create a coupon in WooCommerce.

Currency options

Choose the default currency for your shop and configure how prices are displayed to your customers.

  1. Currency: Set a default currency for the store. Only one default currency may be selected.
  2. Currency position: Set the default currency symbol position for prices (Left, Right, Left or Right with space).
  3. Thousand separator: Set the thousand separator for displayed prices (1,000 or 1.000).
  4. Decimal separator: Set the decimal separator for displayed prices (100.00 or 100,00).
  5. Number of decimals: Set the number of decimal points for displayed prices (100 or 100.00).

Click Save changes and move on to the Products tab.

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