Basic & Pro Reseller Help

Get started with Basic and Pro Reseller

Ready to start (re)selling? This series walks you through the critical steps to set up your Basic or Pro Reseller storefront. Our turnkey storefront helps you quickly launch a branded, professional-looking website with a fleet of customer support staff behind it.

1: Add your company name

Add the company name that appears on your storefront and associate a payee account to your store. (You’ll fill in the payee details next.)

2: Set up your payee account and payment info

Where should we send your money? Add or review your contact and tax information and select a preferred method of payment for your commissions.

3: Customize your reseller storefront branding

Establish your brand and customize the look of your storefront by adding a logo, personalized color schemes, and fonts.

4: Choose your customer support options

Let us know whether you want to support your customers yourself or let GoDaddy provide Customer Support under your brand – giving you more time to run your business.

5: Establish your Home URL and check out your new storefront

Locate the default URL for your storefront and/or connect your own domain, so your customers know where to find you. Then, take a look at your new store!

6: What's next?

Ready, set, GO! You’re set up and ready to start selling! Take a tour of the Reseller Control Center and check out some of the other things you can do with your storefront – like set your own pricing, create promo codes, and customize with the WordPress plug-in tool.

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