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Schedule a website design consultation using your Website Design Hub

Before we can work on your website, we must have a consultation call with you to collect more information about your business, brand, and your website design ideas. At your call, you’ll meet a website specialist who will confirm your details before we start designing your website. If you didn’t schedule a consultation with your GoDaddy Guide, you can schedule it using your Website Design Hub.

  1. Sign in to your Website Design Hub.
  2. If you have multiple websites with Website Design Services, under Which business do you want to work on, select the website you want to use. Otherwise, skip this step.
  3. From the left-side menu, select Website.
  4. Under Schedule your Consultation Call, select Schedule.
  5. Ensure you're set to the desired time zone. Or select the Time zone dropdown list to choose a different time zone.
  6. Using the calendar, select an available date and time, and then select Confirm.
  7. Enter your name, email, and phone number for calls and texts.
  8. Select Schedule Event.

You’ll see your appointment details inside your hub and will receive a Calendly email confirmation in your inbox (make sure to check your spam folder). Leading up to your appointment, you’ll receive email or SMS appointment reminders (if opted-in). You also can sign in to your hub at any time to see your next scheduled appointment.

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