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Troubleshooting the integrated Stripe payment method

If you've encountered any issues while using our integrated Stripe payment method, this guide can help you gather more information and troubleshoot them.

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Stripe failed to connect

The connection process between your shop and Stripe is largely automated, however, it can still fail. Often, the reason that the initial connection would fail is because something is blocking that connection. Let's see some common steps you can take to further investigate:

  1. Disable a firewall or security plugin if they're enabled

    Firewalls are extremely important for a secure site, however, they can sometimes block legitimate connections to 3rd-party services. If the connection to Stripe has failed, make sure to disable any security plugins or firewalls and try again.

  2. Disable optimization plugins

    There are cases that optimization plugins may be a bit more aggressive in the techniques they use to increase a site's performance. If the connection has failed, try disabling any optimization plugins and try again.

  3. Disable all plugins except WooCommerce

    It's still possible that a 3rd-party plugin may be blocking the connection to Stripe or conflicting with the feature in other, unpredictable ways. If that happens, the connection may fail or the feature stop working entirely and can cause a fatal error in your site. A good general troubleshooting step is doing a site-wide plugin and theme conflict test. If you haven't done this before, you'll need to disable all WordPress plugins except WooCommerce. Then, try to connect your account again.

    The same goes for your theme. You'll need to change to a default, WordPress theme (e.g. Twenty Twenty-Two) and try again. If the issue doesn't exist anymore, you can start re-enabling the plugins individually and checking if the issue happens again until you find the one that caused the issue.

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Stripe connected but still failing to see the payment method on the checkout page

This is usually a configuration issue, so after Stripe is connected, make sure to check that it's also enabled on the WooCommerce > Settings > Payments page. If that's the case and you still can't see the payment method, make sure to do a plugin and theme conflict test to cross out other plugins causing this issue.

Lastly, if any custom code snippets are applied to your site, make sure to disable those too and check again.

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I don't see all the Stripe payment methods I've configured in my Stripe Connect dashboard

Our integration will try to list all configured payment methods from your Stripe Connect dashboard, however, we aren't checking the requirements for each one. In some cases (e.g. supported currency, minimum/maximum order amount, etc), the payment method may be configured but not available on your online shop. Reach out to the Stripe Customer Support team if that happens to find out more about the limitations of each payment method.

WooCommerce orders are failing

If you're seeing failed orders in the WooCommerce > Orders page of your shop, make sure to check the Notes on the right side of the page. For failed orders, there is usually a justification on what caused the failure which can be used to resolve this issue.

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Enable the debug mode for the integrated Stripe payment method and place a test order

If you need more information to troubleshoot this issue, you can enable the Debug Log feature. This will log all relevant logs that are generated between your site and Stripe, which you can then use to troubleshoot this issue or forward them to the Care team to expedite the process.

The process to do that is:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments, select the gateway, and change the Debug Mode setting to "Save to Log".
  2. Try to run another test transaction.
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Status > Logs and find the log from your latest transaction. Please note that the log may be in UTC/GMT time, so it may be offset by a few hours.
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Contact the Care team

If none of the above work, contact our Care team by placing a Help Request from the Get Help page on the top of your WordPress site's admin menu.

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