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Available online store marketplace channels

Marketplaces, also called channels, automatically sync any changes you make in your store with your listings across channels.

Here's a list of marketplace channels available in your region:

  • Amazon: Largest U.S. marketplace with 95 million prime users. Amazon fees: Selling account ($0.99/item individual or $39.99/mo professional) + 8%-15% fee per sale.
  • eBay: Largest global marketplace, with 160 million buyers globally. eBay fees: Free selling account + insertion fee + final value fee + payment processing
  • Etsy: Fast-growing handmade & craft marketplace, 33 million buyers in U.S. Etsy fees: Free selling account + $0.20 per listing + 5% transaction fee + payment processing
  • Facebook and Instagram: Connect your online store to your Facebook catalog and create shoppable posts. Even if you only want to sell on Instagram, you must connect through your Facebook catalog. Facebook and Instagram fees: Free selling account + 5% selling fee (or $0.40 flat fee for orders under $8)
  • Google Shopping: Google Shopping lets shoppers buy your products directly on Google, wherever they are. Shopping is different than Shopping Ads. Google Shopping fees: Free selling account + 0% (free) commission fee + payment processing fee (determined by your payment solution, such as PayPal or Square)
  • Walmart: Largest U.S. retailer with a fast-growing online marketplace. Walmart fees: Free selling account + 8%-15% referral fee on most items. Must apply and qualify to sell (larger sellers only).

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