Coach Haya Alsharhan tells us her story and how she built her CrossFit website

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Nada ElSharkawy

Committing to a CrossFit program is hard but building a CrossFit website is not. Ever said, “starting next week I will begin a CrossFit program and become a regular at the gym and lose the couple of kilos that are weighing me and my social life down? We sure have all said it at one point or another. Now imagine having had two c-section births, a career, two beautiful children, a home to keep clean and tidy, and still managing to go to the gym. Add to that competing on an international level and finishing at the top a few times and building a CrossFit website to teach others how to commit! Pretty impressive, right? This is the story of Haya Alsharhan, the real-life super woman. She’s a CrossFit coach who built a CrossFit website using GoDaddy, and we look at what inspires and influences her, her future goals, her online presence, and finally, how GoDaddy has helped her. 

The backstory and how she built her CrossFit website.

It all started out in 2012 when she began co-managing her husband’s gym. As a CrossFit coach, an internationally competitive athlete who competes in the US, Middle East and Asia with several top finishes, a mother of two daughters, creator of the MomFit programs, building a CrossFit website and teaching others seemed like the right idea. 

a box at the gym with CrossFit written on it

What inspired our superwoman to build her CrossFit website?

A lot of CrossFit enthusiasts get their inspiration from the physical appearance they want to have, or from the health benefits it brings them, but not our superwoman CrossFit coach Haya. Haya says: 

My inspiration is myself. I’ve gone through a lot to achieve what I have.

Haya then decided to share her achievement with the world through a CrossFit website that displays her services to help inspire others with her journey. 

She has come back stronger after her unplanned c-sections, juggling the gym, life, home, full time motherhood and work. If she can do it, then anyone can. 

CrossFit coach Haya Alsharhan lifting weight at her gym

You know how your passion is traveling? Watching football? Going to the beach? Well, our CrossFit coach’s passion is to help other girls discover their potential, and that is how building a CrossFit website idea came to life. 

She says:  

I’m passionate about fitness and helping other girls, women and especially mothers discover their potential in life through fitness.

Haya is very committed to sending a message that fitness and especially CrossFit is for everyone. She enjoys sharing her knowledge as a coach with clients and other coaches on her Instagram and CrossFit website 

A CrossFit website to bring her future business goals to life

We asked Haya about her future business goals and her answer was: 

To continue to coach in our gym and with our online programs. I would like to create a separate space to share my knowledge in this field through seminars, online workshops and programs.

What is better than having a CrossFit website to share her knowledge, seminar schedule, and online workshops?  

CrossFit coach Haya Alsharhan discussing her future business goals with GoDaddy

Such goals show how committed and dedicated Haya is to her job: this is what usually gets successful entrepreneurs to succeed. The drive to offer their services to others to bring them value.

Superwoman’s core targets for a CrossFit website

There are many reasons to take your business online and here are Haya’s reasons:

  • To have a space that she can easily access and update.
  • To share her work and programs with the world.
  • To reach more people and build an accessible community for women who want to work with her.
  • To reach a point where she can focus on her work online rather than at the gym.

”What do you hope to achieve from the partnership with GoDaddy?”

Haya is happy to be partnering with GoDaddy as it will help her take her business and passion to the next level. She knows that Instagram is an excellent place to share her passion and her work, but if she wants to be taken seriously, a CrossFit website to showcase your products, services, and achievements is a must. 

That is why Haya built her website using the GoDaddy website builder and got her domain name from GoDaddy. She also knows how valuable her customers' privacy is and that is why she got herself an SSL certificate to protect their data. 

Haya Alsharhan at her gym using a laptop editing her website

I am really happy to be working with GoDaddy, especially to have a supportive team that is from our region to help bring my vision and work to life.

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