6 best podcasts that entrepreneurs should start following

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Ghadeer Abd Elhady

After a long day at work, you drive your car back home and on the way back you notice a congestion due to a traffic accident… frustrating, right? No one likes to waste time waiting, whether in the car, the doctor's office or the supermarket, but since waiting has become part of our daily routine, you need to find a way to utilize it by doing something useful like listening to a podcast. If you are an entrepreneur or someone interested in the field of business and want to listen to Arabic podcasts in this area, this article includes a list of the best podcasts to listen to.

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One of the best podcasts that is presented by Amir AbdulRahman. It targets Arab entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship where the host uses storytelling to present topics in his episodes. In the first couple of episodes, Amir narrates how Facebook and Snapchat began, the family circumstances that had a great impact on the founders, and the reason behind the rivalry between Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Spiegel, founder of Snapchat.

Do you want to know the story behind the contract termination between rapper Kanye West and Nike? What did Kanye do at the New York Fashion Week Show in 2015 to advertise a new Adidas product? Listen to the Alhustlers wars episode: Hustlers wars: Nike vs. Adidas.

Amir recounts the details of the rivalry between the two companies (Nike and Adidas) in a series of 6 episodes in a simple and distinctive style. In these episodes, he reviews the stories of the emergence of the two companies and the struggle between them that still exists until today.

The book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", had its share of podcast episodes; where Amir tackled the first habit in Hustlers Tips: Be Proactive.

Khamsa Business:

Do you want to measure and maximize your company's profits? Khamsa Business is a podcast presented by Youssef Al-Aqary that discusses the strategies for growing companies online

Providing free assistance will earn you more than a paid product or service; an episode where Youssef discusses the role of free useful content in gaining customer confidence, and the importance of frequent questions that  customer service gets in inspiring ideas for content. In addition to that, he also follows the competitors' pages on different platforms and its role in knowing the type of content with which customers interact.

What about continuing your marketing campaigns in times of crisis? Follow marketing dilemma in times of crisis episode to learn about the standards you should pay attention to in your marketing campaigns, the importance of buying goodwill in times of crisis and its impact that extends after the crisis is over.


A podcast hosted by Hani Tarabishi and Kinda Hamwi that presents entrepreneurial ideas and narrates stories to reinforce the values ​​of entrepreneurship and its importance in society.

Do you have a new idea for an application or service that you would like to introduce to the market? You are not sure whether users will like it or not? What is an MVP or a minimum viable product?

The ‘MVP Mechanism’ is an episode where the two hosts discuss this with the guest speaker, Amal Abdel Raouf, as well as practical ideas that help entrepreneurs reduce costs and identify whether the product or service meets consumers’ needs.

Entrepreneurs don’t succeed overnight; they might have to work long hours every day, especially at the beginning of their journey. To learn more about the positive and negative aspects of an entrepreneur's life, listen to episode ‘Don't make perfectionism your enemy’.


Another one of the best podcasts that is presented by Hussain Ali. The podcast simplifies economics and business administration related topics, and the ideas are inspired by scientific research published in scientific journals and historical events that have had a great impact on the global economy.

What if you woke up one day to find that the unemployment rate became zero? Is that possible? What would happen if this scenario were to come true one day? How would it impact our daily life? Listen to the episode ‘A country without unemployment’, to learn about the history of unemployment and the impact of the industrial revolution on the labor market.

A group of people were selling 24 different types of jam to their customers, but after a while, they noticed that sales weren’t going well, so they decided to reduce the types offered to 6 types only, and the result? Sales increased 6 times! The podcast presenter discusses the supermarket dilemma and tackles the concept of choice overload bias, default bias, and other concepts affecting consumer behavior.

Business Made Easy

Enriching Arabic content and simplifying business and management concepts for all those interested in the Arab world is one of the goals that the podcast seeks to achieve.

The host of the podcast is Alaa Sagaa, a consultant and expert in project management and management transformation, he also holds an MBA and PMP certification.

Do you want to start your own podcast? What are the tools and equipment required for broadcasting? If you want to know the answers to these questions, you can listen to "How to start your own podcast: The Complete Guide" episode.

The "8 most important skills for any manager in 2020" is one of the distinctive episodes where Alaa sheds light on the skills that managers need in 2020, including: integrity, communication with members of the organization of different age groups and backgrounds, and flexibility with senior management, employees and customers.

Khedr W Business‎:

The podcast is distinguished by the type of topics the host discusses; in addition to entrepreneurship and investment, he sheds light on other topics related to life skills, human relations, and achieving success.

Mohamed Hossam Khedr, is an engineer, entrepreneur and consultant who specializes in management and investment, and the presenter of Khedr and Business Podcast.

If you are interested in understanding everything related to angel investment in startups, you need to listen to ‘Investment in entrepreneurial startup projects’.

In this episode, he explains everything related to angel investment, the difference between traditional and entrepreneurial projects in terms of investment and financing. He also sheds light on the available sources for financing and the common mistakes that angel investors make.

"I want to establish my startup after graduation"... "I am thinking of leaving my job and dreaming of establishing a startup." Think carefully before making the decision and listen to this episode ‘Should I leave my job and start a startup?’ as the entrepreneurial journey is wearying and fatiguing. In this episode, the host discusses the advantages of working in a 9 to 5 job compared to starting your own startup and highlights the success elements an entrepreneur must have.

Arabic content is still taking its first steps when it comes to entrepreneurship. There is room for anyone who wants to contribute with their experience and knowledge towards creating useful content through podcasts to address topics of interest to entrepreneurs and those interested in the industry.