5 AI plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce that you should check out 

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Adem Asha

If you’re in the know, you are well aware of the fact that AI is all the rage these days and it is only natural to use AI Plugins on your WordPress website, but I am getting ahead of myself, let's first see some data.

The adoption of AI is picking up very quickly, as highlighted by a 2022 report from the Computing Technology Industry Association, a non-profit trade organization.

According to CompTIA, 86% of CEOs say AI is mainstream at their companies, while 91.5% of businesses interviewed say they invest in AI on an ongoing basis.

That’s cool, but what if you’re just a solopreneur running an ecommerce website on WordPress? Turns out, AI has now even permeated the WordPress ecosystem. There’s currently a raft of groovy plugins that can save you tons of time and create a much better experience for your shoppers.

AI plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce

Let’s take a look at some of the top dogs when it comes to today’s best AI plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.

  1. Re:amaze
  2. WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discount.
  3. Klevu
  4. WorldLift SEO
  5. NextGen Gallery

1.   Re:amaze Helpdesk & Live Chat

One of thee most essential AI plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce, Re:amaze brings together email, live chat, mobile SMS, social media, video call, VoIP, and even push notification conversations seamlessly so you can focus on your customers. You can collaborate with teammates using assignments, notes, and even shared views.

Screenshot of the homepage of the re:amaze tool
Screenshot of the homepage of the re:amaze tool

 Re:amaze has 5 plan levels:

  • Basic – $29
  • Pro – $49
  • Starter – $59
  • Plus – $69
  • They also have an Enterprise option for high-volume businesses.

Re:amaze works with ecommerce stores all the way to SaaS (Software as a Service).

2.   WooCommerce AI plugin for Dynamic Pricing and Discount

This all-purpose AI plugin is easy to install, understand, and use on your online shopping website. This plugin comes with elaborate pricing and discount toolkit that helps you to implement different types of discount-based prices and add coupons to any product or category in your store.

Screenshot of the homepage of the WooCommerce dynamic pricing & discounts tool
Screenshot of the homepage of the WooCommerce dynamic pricing & discounts tool

This plugin offers:

  • Discount Rule for Specific Customer
  • Discount Rule for Plus Member
  • Coming Sale Discount Rule
  • BOGO Discount for Products/Categories
  • Category Discount Rule
  • Product Variation Discount Rule
  • Product Tag Discount Rule
  • Product Attribute Discount Rule
  • Shipping Method Discount Rule

This plugin helps to add different discounts to attract customers to your online store for maximizing purchases.

3.   Klevu Recommendation Engine

Cross- and up-sells can exponentially increase revenue at an online store but setting them up can take quite a bit of time. That’s where this plugin comes in: get it started with a few basic inputs, and then let Klevu Recommendation Engine streamline those shopping experiences.

Screenshot of the homepage of the Klevu tool
Screenshot of the homepage of the Klevu tool

 This plugin offers:

  • Quick ROI and time to value
  • Increase customer lifetime value and satisfaction
  • Add AI-driven cross-sell & up-sell opportunities
  • Improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rate

This plugin has 3 plans to choose from:

  • Premium
  • Premium +
  • Enterprise

The plan pricing is not available on their website, as they want you to call them to talk about the various options available.

4.   WordLift – AI plugin for SEO

WordLift is an AI SEO tool that helps to organize your content via analysing the content of your article and identifies matching entities organized in four categories: WhoWhatWhen, and Where.

 You have the ability to:

  • Accept the entities suggested to add contextual info for the user.
  • Create new entities to provide additional context and enrich your vocabulary.
  • Edit all entities to customize your words around your audience which gives you the ability to build new relationships.
  • Use WordLift to suggest open license images and media from your own library.
  • Add locations that are mapped with the Geomap widget, and more…

WordLift has 3 plans to choose from:

  • Starter – $52 +/- month
  • Professional – $83 +/- month
  • Business + E-commerce – $210 +/- month

This plugin organizes your content via the following methods:

  • Text Analysis.
  • Tag Content.
  • Create New Entities.
  • Edit Entities and more.

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5.   Optimize images ALT Text (alt tag) & names for SEO using an AI plugin

Let’s check out our final entry on this list of AI plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. You can optimize image HTML attributes upon upload or in bulk. Social media preview cards for your posts can also be generated, using the Open Graph protocol (og tag). This plugin can be integrated with NextGen Gallery.

An example of what the image optimization plugin does:

From: <img src=”1235HDFRE.JPG “>

To: <img src=”Landscape.JPG” alt=”Landscape of a beach in California”>

Some features of this plugin include:

  • Auto write images alternative texts (alt tag or alt text) and names when you upload images in the library.
  • Generate social cards for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Image bulk optimization: automatically rewrites with SEO friendly content your missing alt and image names.
  • Alt tag checker.
  • Pinterest (description, URL, ID, Media), Twitter (Twitter cards), Facebook and LinkedIn image optimization.

This all helps to grow your organic traffic. Since more than 20% of Google searches come from Google Images alone!

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Closing thoughts on AI plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce

In closing, your ultimate goal is to earn a profit from your investment, right? If so, you shouldn’t discount the power of AI. Especially when there are numerous plugins out there to assist you in making a living with your website or your client’s.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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