Freelance designer uses a .me domain for his personal website and brand

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Nada ElSharkawy

Nihad Nadam is a jack of all trades, he’s a professional creative strategist, visual artist, and digital Arabic calligrapher; who’s interested and experienced in new technologies and the digital space. With more than 17 years of experience in designing and implementing strategies, Nihad built a comprehensive online portfolio, website, and a blog to help him drive traffic and capture leads as a freelancer. In this article, we’ll follow his journey in the digital realm and find out why he chose .me domain for his personal website.

About Nihad:

Nihad studied Fine Arts in an Art institute in Damascus, then Multimedia Design in the American University in Sharjah. He has been working in the creative and marketing space for over 23 years, where he's worked on both English and Arabic projects. He’s been living in Dubai for over 18 years, where he collaborated with well-known brands such as Adobe, Winsoft, NYU, Brill, BMW, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, NIVEA, LandMark, RakBank, BankMuscat, Emaar, and many more.

Arabic design .me domain clients

He’s always eager to learn more and develop his skills, he says:

Even after graduating, I have never stopped learning as I keep attending online and offline classes whenever I get the chance to do so.

His area of expertise includes: Graphic design, calligraphy, typography, corporate branding, logos, UX /UI design and development, WordPress website design and implementation, e-commerce, content creation and management, process improvement, team building and leadership, strategic planning and budgeting. He adds:

In our industry, learning is the key for continuity, if you stop you will be behind in no time.

Passionate about design

Nihad is passionate about his career in design and digital, he has more than one business. Besides his personal freelancing website he’s also focusing on his Arabic Design platform.

Arabic Design is a website created to meet the growing demand for Arabic design and digital Arabic calligraphy by the international audience.

Nihad founded Arabic Design in September 2019. He produces ready-made Arabic and Islamic designs for use in interior design, customized jewelry and greeting cards. He has expanded the platform’s range of services to include Arabic logo design, book titles Arabic calligraphy, names and name logo designs, wedding logos and wedding invitations, marketing materials localization, and much more. He explains:

Arabic Design serves any customer who needs any Arabic or Islamic designs.

To boost the platform’s success, Nihad plans on adding more artists and graphic designers to the website, so that the client can choose his favorite designer to work with. In addition to that, he’s planning on adding more services to support clients who target Arabic speaking countries.

Nihad Nadam Logo .me domain

On the other hand, Nihad faces some challenges in the industry. He explains:

I’d say that the biggest challenge I face is putting a cost to a job and making sure that the client understands the value that they get for that price.

He adds “In the design industry most clients don’t know the time it takes the designer to come up with an idea and the effort to make this idea come out as good as it was in the designer's imagination.”

Choosing .me domain for his personal website

His entrepreneurial journey started with a personal website Nihad wanted to build a personal website where he can share his blog and designs, this is why he chose .me domain to build it as it adds a personal flavor to his online identity. He says:

I chose .me extension for my domain name as it is more relevant and unique for my personal brand.

Nihad purchased his domain name back in 2009 from GoDaddy. In the beginning, he designed his own website then he hired a web developer to help him with the technical side of it. In 2013, Nihad started using WordPress for his website and he’s been updating it himself ever since then.

.me domain website

Nadam has been a GoDaddy customer for more than 13 years, and during that time he tried other domain registrars, but he never found a platform that meets his needs and offers him the tools and help like GoDaddy.
Finally, Nihad shared some valuable advice for all the freelancers, designers and small business owners in the region:

Having a website nowadays is a must, your website is your company in the digital world that everybody is moving to, I think after sometime if you don’t have a good practical website you do not exist.

Grab your .me domain now

If you’re looking for a domain name that represents you or your personal brand, search for a .me domain and make it all about you.