Influencer marketing: trends and tips to empower brands

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No-one can deny the role of influencer marketing and the impact of influencers in the current digital era. According to the digital marketing institute, not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations but 40% had purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

The mounting interest in influencer marketing is a worldwide phenomenon, and the Middle East region is no stranger to it. With events like the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit (ASMIS) and competitions like Sadeem dedicated to the industry; it is no secret that influencer marketing is booming in the region.

We spoke to Tanaz Dizadji, the founder of and Brandripplr, who shared with us influencer marketing trends, tips and future insights for the industry. She also shared her personal experience as an entrepreneur and the challenges she faced while starting her own business.

How it all started

Tanaz Dizadji was brought up in London, then moved to Dubai in 2012. She founded, a Dubai-based city guide for creative content that inspires people through providing curated recommendations of places, products and experiences in the Middle East. She’s also the founder of Brandripplr, a micro-influencer platform, that enables brands to partner with some of the top micro-influencers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Brandripplr empowers brands to reach their target audience with influencers who can boost their campaigns on social media.

Brandripplr’s services vary from creating the campaign, reviewing the posts, tracking performance and enabling the brands to see the finest performing influencers for their brand. Brandripplr’s edge lies in their simplicity and professionality, one platform that does it all.

The influencer marketing industry is soaring

Tanaz shared some valuable advice and insights on the industry:

The influencer marketing industry is booming because this is where we spend all our time nowadays: social media

She mentions that the key for brands to decide whether working with influencers is the right path for them is to ask themselves the following: Does the campaign make sense? Does it fit with the brand direction? If the answer to such questions isn’t a yes, it often leads to negative feedback instead of success.

Her advice for brands planning an influencer marketing campaign is to attentively check the audience data of the influencer. “For instance, there are a lot of fashionistas with mostly male audiences, so you’d better give them a shaving foam than a lipstick,” she explains.

She adds that another key aspect for creating a successful campaign is to be careful of ”authenticity”. This means that brands need to check that the influencer’s followers are genuine, not bought.

I think in 2019 the industry will continue to grow quickly, especially in the MENA region. There will be more of a focus on micro-influencers as opposed to macro-influencers.

When we think of influencer marketing and influencers we immediately call up the well-known influencers with a generous number of followers. But have you heard of micro-influencers?

A micro influencer is someone who has 10k to 500k followers on social media channels.

Brands are realizing that micro-influencers might be the right fit for their campaigns as they’re authentic, more adequate and somehow more cost effective as well. Tanaz believes that there will be a shift from macro to micro-influencers in the upcoming years.

For example, we’re seeing more emerging comedians and great content creators from Saudi Arabia (KSA). So, it’s very exciting to see that the industry is actually developing some really good talents.

influencer marketing brandripplr website
Brandripplr website

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The stumbling blocks

An entrepreneur’s journey isn’t a straight constant line; as a matter of fact, it is an asymmetric course. Tanaz reckons that being an entrepreneur has its good and bad sides. For her, one of the biggest challenges and area of focus is putting together a team to work with.

 You may have a vision, but without the right team behind you, you just can’t get there, and it’s very frustrating. Creating a team of homogeneous hard workers who share the same work vision can be very difficult.

Her advice to business owners is to be extra careful during the recruitment phase and to make sure that the hiring process is thorough. “Because these are the guys that will be there with you at 2 am, making sure the work is done, on very minimal salaries” she says jokingly.

Tanaz has high hopes for the influencer marketing business in the region, peculiarly for micro influencers. So, if you’re a business owner who’s planning an influencer campaign check Brandripplr’s website and blog for inspiration.