WordCamp Kathmandu 2023: Recap and highlights!

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Ler Ka Leng

Wordcamp Kathmandu 2023 was a fun and fruitful experience, and we are so grateful for the great enthusiasm and hospitality! Here are some highlights from the event.

What is WordCamp? 

WordCamp is a global gathering where WordPress enthusiasts, bloggers, developers, designers, and experts come together for a conference. It is organized by volunteers from around the world with the goal of connecting and collaborating with the WordPress community. The best part about Wordcamp is that it welcomes everyone – you don’t need to be an expert to attend a WordCamp!  

The conference typically spans 1 to 3 days and offers various opportunities for learning and networking, including speaker sessions, workshops, panel discussions, games, networking events, and an after-party. Many beginners attend WordCamp to learn, ask questions and seek feedback and collaboration opportunities. Simply put, it’s a great platform to forge new connections while supporting the WordPress community. 

WordCamp Kathmandu 2023, held at Alice Receptions from 8-9 September 2023, brought together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, bloggers, and business owners for two days of learning, networking, and inspiration. GoDaddy is proud to be a platinum sponsor for #WCKTM23 and it was great to connect with so many like-minded WordPress enthusiasts during the event. 

Why should you attend WordCamp Kathmandu? 

WordCamp is a great way to understand how business’ SMB’s and the WD&D ecosystem operate. There is dependence on each other to bring business’ online and then show them the path to grow online.  WordCamp is also a great way to meet and network in the WP community and learn about how they are utilizing WP for fulfilling their business needs.  It's a perfect opportunity to interact and meet with locals in that city and get to know more about the culture and history of that place. Try some local cuisines and visit some breathtaking places when you get the time!

WordCamp Kathmandu 2023: recap and highlights

Quick stats at a glance

  • Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Duration: September 8-9, 2023
  • Participants: 400+
  • Sessions: 21
  • Speakers: 30
  • Organizers: 49
  • Sponsors: 29

Who attended WordCamp Kathmandu?

WordCamp Kathmandu drew in a crowd of diverse attendees, ranging from WP developers, designers, theme and plug in development companies and WP agencies. It was heartening to see that the local WordPress community is extremely vibrant and well connected.

As a proud supporter of the WordPress community, the GoDaddy team also joined in on the action with 2 representatives! From L-R:

  • Nada ElSharkawy, Senior Mgr - ROW+ Commercial Strategy
  • Gaurav Naukul, Senior Mgr - Developer & Partners GTM Marketing

Participants were able to interact with industry experts, gaining hands-on experience and valuable insights into the latest WordPress trends and practices. The networking opportunities provided a platform for attendees to connect, collaborate, and forge lasting relationships within the WordPress community.

Highlights from Contributor Day at #WCKTM23 

Our team attended the contributors' day on 8th September, which was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the local WP community in Nepal, organizers and other sponsors. We gained valuable insights about the WP ecosystem in Nepal and how strongly and well connected the Nepalese WP Community is. 

It was also wonderful to see such a great turnout from the community, especially in the marketing team. The audience was engaged, and people were excited to be there as WordCamp Kathmandu community is one of the oldest (this is their 11th year) to host a WordCamp.   

Action from GoDaddy's sponsor booth

#WTKTM23 conference day kicked off with a blast and the crowd was energetic and raring to go! As the hall filled up with audiences awaiting to learn insights from our speakers, we were ready to receive visitors at our booth!

Photos courtesy of WordCamp Kathmandu.
Photos courtesy of WordCamp Kathmandu.

Not long after, we've had crowds gather at our booth!

Photos courtesy of WordCamp Kathmandu.
Photos courtesy of WordCamp Kathmandu.

We are very humbled and honoured to have interacted with so many WordCamp Kathmandu attendees. There was a lot of great conversations about the strong presence of theme and plugin companies within Nepal. WordPress agencies are also thriving within the country, catering to both local and global customers. On top of that, we are pleased to hear positive feedback around GoDaddy's products and offerings. It's great to know that GoDaddy is well-recognized within the WordPress community.

Thank you to everyone who added to our community board! In our informal survey here, we wanted to learn what was the most important feature to take into consideration when choosing a web host for your WordPress site?  We've collated the results and the top 3 responses were: support, performance and security.

Another highlight of the event was definitely our giveaway! GoDaddy had a lucky draw at the booth, where we gave away an Apple Ipad to one lucky winner. There was so much excitement at the booth as we prepared our digital wheel to spin and give us the name of our lucky winner. Here's a recap of how it all went:

See you next time, Nepal!

WordCamp Kathamandu 2023 has been a really fun and fruitful experience. We are looking forward to meeting more WordPress enthusiasts at subsequent WordCamps!

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