How Tipsy Bakes UK showcased their online spirit with GoDaddy

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Matthew Pattinson

Tipsy Bakes UK is a West Yorkshire-based bakery offering a range of alcohol-infused cupcakes and cheesecakes. Their products are crafted with the finest spirits and liqueurs to bring their customers indulgent sweet treats. This is their inspirational story.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Tipsy Bakes UK was founded by Rachel Skinner. What started as a flavoursome hobby, quickly turned into a tasty side business, in June 2018, after encouragement from family and friends.

Treats from Tipsy Bakes UK are not your typical cakes, as Rachel explained: “Everything I make is alcohol infused or ‘tipsy’ if you like. It’s also a good way of subliminally letting people know the bakes aren’t stacked with booze but do have that little kick.”

Rachel considers her patience and attention to detail to be important ingredients to her business’s success.

She was determined to overcome any obstacles in order to make her business dream a reality. Rachel said: “Having a product which contains alcohol makes it a very niche product and excludes a lot of demographics and celebratory occasions like children’s birthdays, baby showers and work treats. After much research I realised I should be marketing towards occasions which usually include alcohol like weddings, bottomless brunch, grown up birthdays and hen parties.”

With plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, her target audience in mind and tasty bakes in the oven, Rachel was ready to showcase her products to the online world.


A website for good measure

As Tipsy Bakes UK’s products contain a bit of kick, Rachel wanted a website that would do the same, whilst highlighting her brand’s online flavour.

Rachel said: “Social media is great for advertisements but a website adds that extra layer of professionalism and credibility.”

She chose to build her website with GoDaddy and she hasn’t looked back since.

“It was simple and easy to use and I could do everything I wanted to from my phone. The online support is always really quick with great customer service.”

Rachel's confidence went from strength to strength as she has expanded elements of her marketing mix. She explained: “I recently started using the campaign feature which has been extremely useful in helping me keep customers up to date and gives me that extra push.”

“It’s easy to throw things together and hope for the best but, when you don’t have a physical shop, your website is your storefront, so it has to look right and represent the business well. It’s taken me months of hard work and editing to get my website just right and now I’m super proud of it!”

A taste of success

Tipsy Bakes UK is leaving an impression on the taste buds of their customers, and the occasional cupcake is something Rachel enjoys too. When asked what the best part of her day is Rachel replied: “When the orders are done and customers are happy, I sit down and eat that cupcake I ‘accidentally’ made too many of, earlier”.

Aside from being able to tuck into her own tipsy treats, it’s hearing her customers talk about her business that makes it all worthwhile. Rachel said: “Hearing people talk about my products and saying my business name like it’s a household brand. It’s those instant reactions that make me want to do a little celebration dance every time!”

You can find Tipsy Bakes UK on Facebook, Instagram or check out their website here.

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