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    How to integrate Bitcoin or Ethereum Payments to GoCentral websites?

    How do I integrate bitcoin/ethereum payment on my GoCentral hosted websites? I want to be able to offer my products and services for cryptocurrency because its a valuable venue with many people more eager to spend their currency than I feel people are for traditional fiat currencies. 

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    Hi, can someone answer this question? My site fastingforce.com and bioscrolls.com can do store and paypal but I don't see any way to use bitpay or something like that for customers. Plus my other sites, forkthecrypto.com, biochainlink.com and hobo.media are all blockchain oriented sites so I want them to be able to accept cryptocurrencies. 

    Setup an account on Coinbase Commerce. https://commerce.coinbase.com


    Create the product you wish to sell: Product Name, Description, price/currency,  what kind of information you wish to retrieve from the customer.   Once you save the product you will get a link to embed on your page.