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    Website no longer available

    I have had my domain managed and website hosted with GoDaddy for 6 years and have made no changes for at least a year.  I just found out my website is not accessible to the public ( but I am able to log in and manage the site fine.  It looks like the site has been unavailable since February 2016.  Can anyone offer some advice please?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello canstralian,


    What type of website is this?  It's is a WordPress, Joomla, some other CMS, or a website builder type site?

    Helper V

    It will help to know what type of site it is, as @ADK says.


    Assuming it is not a CMS or any such general application, do you know what the default (home) page is? Apparently we are getting the index.php page when we go to What does that file have when you look at it using the file manager in GoDaddy?