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    Worst photo browser and organization ever!

    This is what I just posted to a site dealing with hosting companies: I have always liked GoDaddy and have been a customer for many years. HOWEVER, their web building products, Website Builder and Go Central have the absolute WORST photo browsers/apps for maintaining photos on your site that could possibly exist. I have written them many times (never got an answer) and called their tech support many many times and my comments and suggestions seem to fall on deaf ears. If you have a site where you use very few photos and also change them infrequently, this might not be an issue. But if you DO like to have lots of images and switch them out frequently - STAY AWAY from these products!!!

    After this last time of trying to take off 20 photos and switch to new ones and it taking me almost an hour to delete the old photos, I have really had ENOUGH. With sites like Facebook allowing you to quickly upload, delete, switch around, move photos into albums and find them quickly - including photos that are actually text (pdfs) and SEE what they say - I do not and will not ever understand a web building service that does not allow these basic functions!! NO albums, so if you have say, 100+ photos, it is impossible to organize them.

    Not only that, but to find a photo that has been uploaded, say, to move it to another place on your site or delete it, scrolling down through the Photo Browser keeps popping the browser up to the top - MANY MANY times until you are finally able to scroll down far enough. Once you have scrolled down, then you can only access ONE photo. If you want another from the former photos, you can not choose more than one, so you have to repeat this whole scrolling thing, where the browser brings you back to the top many times, before you can finally access the photo that was maybe next to the one you just selected or moved. No batch selecting.

    You also can not view the Browser photos in anything but a very small thumbnail. So if say, you have a number of pdfs with the same general format and that are in text, you are unable to differentiate one from the other. In my case, I have pedigrees of my cats that in thumbnail format all look the same. It is impossible to choose one, based on the text content. So I find myself uploading the same pdf images over and over again - simply because I can not SEE them, they are too small to read.

    Then again, you are unable to keep any images in folders, such as certain products or categories (T-shirts, cotton shirts or whatever have you).

    Working with images within the Website Builder or Go Central is practically impossible and VERY VERY frustrating!! Even more frustrating is GoDaddy's complete disregard for listening to customers on these issues - and these services are EXPENSIVE!!! I'm sure I am not the only customer who deals with a lot of images on their site!! And if computers themselves can offer easy ways to find files and images and social media like Facebook can offer easy ways to organize, upload and delete files and images - WHY NOT GODADDY??? But they seem to not care and not want to listen.

    Well, they are going to lose a long time customer when my contracts are nearing their end this next time - I have three sites with them and I doubt I will renew..

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    Hi @marvam


    Thank you for you post. That's actually a really great idea. I know alot of people use the Facebook function to port in albums but having an album create in the builder itself would definitely prove beneficial.


    Not sure if anything will come out of it but I will post the suggestion to our suggestions board to see if this gets any traffic. If I get any updates of our devs moving forward with the suggestion I will be sure to post here and update you.


    UPDATE: Seems this idea was posted back in 2015 but never came to fruition but looking at the roadmap for GoCentral it seems that this may be a feature in the near future. 


    Best Wishes!


    Getting Started

    Thanks so much for your reply. In my frustration, I also looked into Go Central, specifically asking if it had the photo capabilities that I mentioned in my post - albums, ease of deleting, ability to view larger images instead of just small thumbnails. They told me NO - that it was basically the same kind of photo situation. I really can't believe that they have not gotten a lot more complaints about these features, or lack thereof, before this - enough to make them see the light and get a Facebook type of photo handling. So I am very discouraged and remain frustrated with their lack of response or interest.

    Hi @marvam


    Thanks for the reply. One thing I know for certain on the new platform is that the devs are taking into account alot of the feedback that is coming our way. We have sort of a roadmap that continuously gets updated about new features that will be released in the near future and I did see that some of those updates are going to involve galleries and photos. 


    I also posted your suggestion on our board as well to show that there is a need for this and I whole heatedly agree with the point you made about organization.


    Not sure when these will come to light, but in the mean while I'd say check out the free 30 day trial of the GoCentral Builder. Give it a spin and see if you like it.  It is indeed much different from the version 7 builder but it does really make some good looking sites in about a quarter if the time. 


    I'll update this post when ever I hear more about making updates in this direction. Thanks again for your feedback marvam!


    Best Wishes!




    Getting Started

    You posted two years ago and nothing whatsoever has changed with Website Builder. Actually Go Central is sort of dumbed down, not allowing many of the features that are the GOOD part of Website Builder - but remaining with the same issues for photo heavy sites that need to change out photos, access sub folders or view images other than tiny thumbnails that when they are similar images or have text in them, the thumbnails are practically useless as you can not enlarge and you can not see them.. Since computers and most programs that accept photos, such as Facebook have these clearly needed features - why not GoDaddy - in ANY of their web creating programs??? Keep things organized so you can find them and allow enlarging your current images so you can SEE them!! Excuse me, but this a big fat DUH!!

    This problem needs to be addressed. It makes no sense to give me the ability to store 10 Gigabytes of photos if i can't find them in a timely fashion.

    They don't seem to care about addressing this.. I have a very deep and complex website that I worked hard on and like a lot - and I get a ton of hits (50,000 this month). Their solution is for me to switch over to their newer version, which is simpler and less options - and a complete change over! I am soooo frustrated with this.

    I agree I have a party planning and rental business and the website looks really great for advertising and information but from a business end it's frustrating that I can't offer contract signing and payments and a better calendar view. I also have the issue with pictures needing to be constantly changed out. But what I was able to do was add a link on the page that leads to my online photography website to view photos.

    Linking to every single photo would not work for me at all. They need to be on the page itself.


    Thank you for posting this. It seems that there has been no progress on a solution to this problem.  We have an art gallery website and like you, need to change out our images regularly.  I had assumed that such an obvious feature would be available, but no - nothing. 

    I would have thought it would be a fairly straightforward fix to add sub-folders to the Photo Gallery feature, but no progress on this after over 2 years is unacceptable. 

    I'm also searching without success for the place I can add a caption to each of our images.  Creating a text box for each one is time-consuming, tedious, and prone to error.

    This is such a big deal for us that we will have to look for another hosting company if there is no response to those of us requiring this feature.

    Getting Started

    HI Lise,

    I see you and your gallery are in the same position as me, with an image-heavy site, where the images are key and changed or added to frequently. I can not believe we are alone in this!! I also can not believe that they could not implement a folder type of situation to keep a handle on many images - and, with my BIG WISH, to be able to see more than tiny thumbnails of images that might be similar or have text in them -IMPOSSIBLE to see or navigate. CRAZY!!

    Because the alternative was to completely re-do my quite large site OR continue with Website Builder and keep on keeping on, I reluctantly paid the (large) fee to continue for another year as I simply do not have the time to completely re-do the site at this point. But for images it is a miserable non-intuitive product and a disgrace for the formerly cutting edge GoDaddy.

    Should you find a better solution, both for hosting and web design product, I would be very interested. I have tried WordPress ( I do have a rather bare bones active site with Go Daddy and Wordpress) but I have found Wordpress really complicated and I really do not like it much. Other than that??


    Marva Marrow
    7th Heaven Orientals
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplyMahvelous or Marva Marrow
    Getting Started

    There IS a way to add captions, other than with a text box. You can try this and see if it works for you. In the “Add/Manage Photos,” before you post your “photo gallery” of images and in the photos that are in your selection, right below each image in the gallery (waiting to add, delete or change the images), you will see a little text type of shape. Click on that and you can add a caption that will show right below the enlarged image when someone clicks on it - or clicks through using arrows to see the images. Make sure to SAVE the caption or it will not appear. And also be sure to save the whole little “gallery” to keep the images. You can also drag them around to move them to different places within the gallery, although I have found that it is actually easier to first organize them in my Mac Photos app folder first. But it works for captions/titles and such and maybe this is what you need??


    Thank you so much!  I finally found it this afternoon and have been happily adding captions in my photo galleries. It's still a shame it isn't universal, as each time I use an image again, I have to re-type it's caption. Ah well, looks like we can't have everything we would like.

    Marva, thanks for your reply.
    In reading other customers' comments over the past couple of years, it
    seems we are not alone. However, that doesn't seem to have ignited any
    action on GoDaddy's part.
    The handling of images seems to be a very weak part of their application
    - including having images cropped when they are included in a photo gallery!
    Like you, I am extremely busy and not looking forward to completely
    re-creating my site elsewhere, but in the long run - and with better
    features - a competitor will likely save us time, effort, and frustration!
    I'll keep you posted.