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Just a question about .EU domains.

Hello everyone,


I got myself a deluxe shared hosting plan here and in the past I could always access my website within 2 hours.  Now this has already been 15 hours, so I am slowly getting worried here.

When I choose the eu domain the store kindly reminded me that I had to be a resident within the European union, which I am.  However now that it takes longer than normal I try to find out if something else is wrong and not that I have to wait 24 - 48 hours.

For example, how do they check on me to see if I am actually living in the Netherlands, do they send me a letter to my home address and that I have to return it to them, so it wouldn't take 48 hours, but probably a week or more?

If there is nothing wrong and I don't change anything, why does this page say DNS Only (Off-site).

Well I'm somewhat worried that things went wrong and that I need to wait a long time before things work out right, so another question of mine is it possible to access my website from a fabricated link containing the ip address my user name and home and public html, since that is where the website is pointing towards?  Ofcourse I tried this fabricated link myself without any luck, but maybe there is some way so I can still work on the website without the dns?


Re: Just a question about eu domains.

Now I did a whois lookup and it says that the domain is still available.  I didn't make any mistake when registering it on godaddy, I did however made a mistake with choosing the startup package while I needed the deluxe one, but that was solved yesterday, after calling the helpdesk.

Now I am getting worried that there was made a mistake here, when the startup package got cancelled I asked on the phone if the domain registration will remain untouched and they told me it did, so I didn't enter it again when I needed to fill in the free 1 year domain name.


Anyways, like I said, I have no clue how this check will be done whether or not I am in the Netherlands, but I hope to get some sort of reply here because more people here should be able to tell how this process is done and in what order.


Re: Just a question about eu domains.

I feel pretty stupid right now, but it appears eu domains are not included in the deluxe hosting package as 1 year free domain names.  I got that solved now, by buying it separately and because the dns records were already forwarding to the ip address, the domain name worked instantly, so everything is solved.