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    InstaPage vs GoCentral

    Hi, I built a site in InstaPage, thinking I was using my GoCentral free trial. Not! Now my InstaPage is fully set up but the GoCentral free trial is awaiting a site build. My questions:

    1. What is the benefit of using GoCentral over InstaPage?
    2. Can I transfer my InstaPage site over to GoCentral?
    3. Can I point another of my domain names to my existing one (the one I built under)? I'd like to feed two URLs to one site.




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    Hello @Gerri222!


    Thank you for posting. I think what happened here is you activated an InstantPage credit that's been in your account for a while. The good news is that InstantPage and GoCentral are the same thing now. You can point your other domains to it if you'd like. You'd just need to set the second one up as a forward


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Thanks, Heather. How do I go merge my InstaPage site with the GoCentral one? They're showing up in my account as two distinct, different websites, and the GoCentral one won't let me use the domain associated with the InstaPage.  


    Yes, they do seem to be the same product. My InstaPage has all the functions and features as the GoCentral product, including more than one page on the site.


    Thanks for info on forwarding an additional domain to one site. I'll wait on that until the InstaPage/GoCentral confusion is cleared up. 

    I redeemed an InstaPage. Is this a Trial? or Free? I see that it shows $0, even when I select 48 months. Please clarify. thanks!