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    Personal Website Builder and Responsive Mobile Web Design

    I went with GoDaddy Website Builder because they advertised their web builders as responsive design. I assumed that was across all devices. I am trying to find the pixels I need to use for my page setting but it's not working. When I work on my large screen it looks good. when I open my laptop it's a mess. This is impossible. I don't know what middle ground page setting/ pixel width & heigh to even begin with? GoDaddy did suggest 1080 x 1080 but that's not previewing well on my laptop. (macbook pro Display 1680x1050) I need a scroll bar to see only fragments of my site. Is anyone still having issues here? What setting would one suggest? This is terrible. I hope there's a solution. 



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    I just lost a customer due to this issue. I have spent numerous wasted hours on this EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING padge with issue! I have called tech support twice, but they were no help with this. I have even changed templates, since the other one cut off the pages with no horizontal scroll bar. 


    WHY CAN'T THE PAGE WIDTH OPTIONS INCLUDE PERCENTS SO WE CAN CHOOSE 100%?!???? This is what you suggest webmasters to use for regular web sites, so why doesn't Web Site Builder 7 have this?