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    Problem changing menu bar color

    I should change the color of the submenu:


    I can't find the way to change it.

    Pls help.


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    Re: Problem changing menu bar color

    Hi @MikSet,


    What platform are you using?  GoCentral or WordPress?  This will determine how your question is answered.  Basically,  both platforms have a "customizer"  that allows for changes.  Take some time to read and work your way through some of the help, particularly if you are using WordPress.  A little prep work can save you a ton of headaches.


    Hope this helps,




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    Re: Problem changing menu bar color

    Hi James,

    I found some answers in the community:

    https://www.godaddy.com/help/adding-custom-css-7714 says that solution is to add some custom CSS.

     It is referring to web builder version 6 and the shown navigation seems not valid in current version.

    Unfortunately I can't find any similar information about how to add custom CSS into version 7 

    Can you please give me some indication about how to add custom CSS in version 7




    Thank you very much in advance


    Re: Problem changing menu bar color

    I have the same issue.  Spent about 45 min on tech support chat and could not get it resolved at that time.  I had to end the session for another commitment.  This looks like it should be a pretty standard feature.  The ability to change sub-menu colors should be built into the site builder,  just like the color change for the top navigation bar.  At the very least, an easy way to edit the site wide CSS should be available. It looks like Ver 6 of the website builder offered this, but I no longer see  the option.  Can we get a solid reply from an admin on this?