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    Resizing Photos to fit websiite

    Hello -  I am new to the forum and just now working on completing my first website.  I am having trouble with photo size aspect ratio.  Meaning I have some pictures that are more vertical than horizontal.  When I load a photo like this into the product feature there is white space on either side, so it is not completely "filling the box".  This does not like good when viewing the products on my website.  I also, have some pictures that are square in aspect ratio and there is still white space around these pictures when viewing. Resizing in a program like Paint, distorts the image when trying to make it fit the website.  Any help or suggestions, even if it means retaking image photos would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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    I'm no expert when it comes to websites but I do know a thing or two about photos.  Each digital camera has an aspect ratio assigned to the photo when the photo is taken.  Most digital cameras can be set somewhere in the menu as to what aspect ratio you want the photo to be taken at.  Some of the most common aspect ratios are 4:3 or 3:2 or 16:9.  If you don't want to have the white around the photo, or you don't want to have to enlarge and/or crop to the correct aspect ratio, try to find out the aspect ratio that is being used on the web site and then set your camera to that ratio.

    Paint is stretching and squishing the photo down to the correct ratio because it does not preserve the relationship between the ratio the photo was taken at and the size it needs to be on the web.  A better photo manipulation program allows one to preserve the ratio so that the stretching and squishing cannot occur to the photo.

    Another option is to use a photo manipulation program (there are several decent free ones on the web including GIMP and Picasa -- though Picasa will soon be discontinued by Google) that will allow the canvas to be bigger than the photo so it can be surrounded by colored background without distorting the photo.  That is what I recently did on a different web site to get a square 1:1 ratio photo inserted into a 16:9 ratio web spot.

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    Hello there @dfrytx64,

    May we see what you are talking about? Link?

    I am a photographer and I do my own websites..... i have been using using irfanview since time began and do all this in there. You DO NOT need to take your photographs again for them to look good in website design..... sounds like you just need to do some tweaking is all - heck you will be a pro at this in no time!


    Mrsroadrunner Photography
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    Hey @dfrytx64


    You should not need to edit the photos to solve the problems you described.


    Before attempting to help you, we should have some clarification. What are you using for your web site? What hosting plan is it? What software is it running? What software are you using to create the web site?


    Probably some of those questions do not apply to your situation but since there is so little that we do know, I am not sure what questions to ask. If you can provide clarification then we can proceed.