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    Switching from SiteBuilder to Wordpress

    I purchased the business pack or whatever it is, and i have a domain, Office 365 Starter Email, Email Forwarding - 100 Pack, Business Plus Website Builder, Search Engine Visibility v1, and a Standard SSL.


    I'm not particularly satisfied with the Business Plus website builder. It's fairly simply and i am more comfortable with WordPress. Is it possible to switch from the website builder to WordPress? Are these sunk costs? What package would i have to get? I'm only two weeks into the Business Plus package

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    Helper VI

    Hello @HusariaMKTG


    If you want to renounce at Website Builder, you should contact customer support to see if you can get a refund for that.

    Live chat team is on Mon-Fri at 5AM - 6PM Arizona time UTC-7 and phone support is on 24/7 here https://uk.godaddy.com/contact-us.aspx


    If you want to use WordPress, you can get a WordPress Hosting but keep in mind that the WordPress Hosting comes with some limitations, or (and this is my favorite) you can get a Linux Hosting Plan with cPanel and install WordPress on it.


    Good luck.


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    Seems like GoDaddy would encourage upgrades from Sitebuilder to WordPress hosting.  I purchased 2 year hosting deal on SB, but now that we're coming up on first year, ready to upgrade to WP.  Hate to throw away a year of hosting.  Any suggestions?

    Since switching to Website Builder and my Google search listing has tanked.  I believe a part of it is due to the blog not being directly part of the new website (phxplan.com).  I have a RSS feed that links to the wordpress blog, but I want the blog to be housed on the domain. 


    Ideally, I'd like a way to have the wordpress blog included with Website Builder, but I don't see that happening.  I have a lot of paid features such as office 365, the domain, SSL and so on, so sticking with GoDaddy is something I plan on doing until these product licenses end.  What would be a way of going about moving over to a wordpress based site? 


    Also, has anyone had any success getting refunds for Website Builder after the refund period ends?  I was never told that the wordpress blog I had couldn't be kept with Website Builder.  No one mentioned that their blog support dropped.  I actually asked for a manger six times on a call only to have the phone rep put me on hold and ignore me.  I'm not sure how GoDaddy would convince me to keep doing business with them, but looking into a fix for these issues would be a start.