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    Helper V

    Turn off View All Products

    The larger my store gets, the less it is helpful to see all products right upfront. I'd like to request that we have the ability to turn that off so they are forced to pick a category, and/or we are allowed to set a default category that we want to take the customer to when they begin to browse.


    This is important because the product categories I offer are very different from one another. I want to set the tone of my store by directing them to a certain category, not a mixture of cheap products and high end products, and not all cheap or all high-end products (or any of the other current sortable options we have). This was first brought up by another GD user over a year ago and we were told they were looking into giving up that option. Can someone please revisit this and tell us when this can be added? Thank you.

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    Helper V

    Or better yet, let us customize the products on the shop page similar to the featured products option. Then give us a text block area to put wording. (We're STILL waiting on category copy blocks which we desperately need, by the way.)