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    Unable to add sign-up for to Godaddy Store

    I've created my sign up form and have created a landing page for people to be directed to after they sign up.  However, he only option I see that appears at the bottom of my webpage is the sign up email box but no form.  I'm not sure where to enter the form to allow subscribers to enter their information.  The embed code is available but where do I put it. 


    Also, if folks use the email option at the bottom of my page, they are not currently redirected to the landing page which is https://mythairapy.org/p/thank-you-for-subscribing.


    I see instructions about adding the embedded code to a wordpress site but there is nothing specific about adding it to Godaddy's site or store page.




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    Re: Unable to add sign-up for to Godaddy Store



    Which store -- GoCentral?   😉

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