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Add my Microsoft 365 email to Apple Mail on Mac

Step 3 of the Set up my Microsoft 365 account series.

Add your Microsoft 365 email to the Apple Mail app. Then you can send and receive business email from your Mac.

This video is part of the How-To series for setting up email.

  1. Open Apple Mail.
    mail app, blue background white envelope.
  2. If you're a new user, skip to step 3. Otherwise, select Mail, and then Add Account.
    In Mail Menu, Add Account
  3. Select Exchange, and then Continue.
    select Exchange and Continue
  4. Enter your name and email address, and select Sign In.
    Enter name, email address, and Sign In
  5. Select Sign In.
    Sign in
  6. Enter your email password, and then select Sign In. You might need to select your account type as Work or School, not Personal, to continue.
    enter your password and select sign in.
  7. If your admin enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA), verify your account or set up the Authenticator app.
  8. You might get a request for permission to access your account, select Accept.
  9. Select Done. You can come back and edit these settings at any point.
    Select app settings and Done

Your Microsoft 365 email is now set up on your Apple Mail.

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