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Get Started! Set up Stripe for WooCommerce

Set up Stripe to provide secure payment processing. Your customers can save their payment details to your shop, which makes checkout fast and easy. With Stripe, you can accept major credit and debit cards.

Required: Stripe is only available for WooCommerce versions 5.2+ on the Managed WordPress Ecommerce hosting plan.
  1. Connect to Stripe
    Learn how to connect your Stripe account in your online shop.
  2. Configure Stripe Settings
    Find out more about the available settings and how to configure them before accepting payments with Stripe.
  3. Manage Orders with Stripe
    General information about the available features offered by Stripe and how to manage orders placed via Stripe in your online shop.
  4. What is the integrated Stripe payment method?
    Do you have a question about our integrated Stripe payment method? Check this guide to find out what this is and other frequently asked questions.
  5. Troubleshooting the integrated Stripe payment method
    Have you encountered an issue while using our integrated Stripe payment method? Check this article for some common troubleshooting steps.

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